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Escaping the Shadowban Trap: Causes and Easy Ways to Overcome It

Not many people know about a sneaky threat called “shadowban” that can ruin all your marketing efforts. When you’re shadowbanned, it’s like your brand’s social media account goes incognito and struggles to show up on your target audience’s timeline. Pretty scary stuff!

That’s why it’s important to understand how to overcome a shadowban, especially if you’re actively trying to make money online and focusing on social media marketing.

But don’t worry, in this article, we will explain in simple terms what exactly a shadowban is and why an account might get shadowbanned. So, let’s explore the complete explanation together!

What is Shadowban?

Shadowban is a restriction imposed by social media platforms on user content without any official notification.

In simpler terms, it means that even though you can still upload and see your own content, it won’t show up on other people’s timelines or search results. As a result, accounts that are shadowbanned suffer a big drop in visibility and engagement.

Now, why does an account get shadowbanned?

Well, typically, it happens when you violate social media policies. Platforms use shadowban as a way to respond when someone breaks the rules or guidelines of the online community.

Although “shadowban” isn’t an official term used by social media platforms, some of them have algorithms that work in a similar way.

If the algorithm detects suspicious or spammy behavior, like posting a ton of content all at once, there’s a higher chance that your account will face restrictions in terms of content visibility.

How to Check for Shadowban on Different Social Media Platforms

The whole point of restrictions or shadowban is to make sure users have a good experience. It helps platforms filter out irrelevant or spammy content by limiting accounts that break the rules.

But if you’re a business owner relying on social media marketing, shadowban can be a serious problem. You put in time, effort, and money to reach your target audience. So, if your account gets shadowbanned, all that hard work goes to waste.

To make sure your promotional efforts pay off, here are some simple ways to check for shadowban on different social media platforms:

Searching for Your Account Name

One of the easiest ways to check if your account is shadowbanned is by searching for your account name on the platform you’re using. If your profile doesn’t show up, it’s possible that your account is restricted.

Checking Account Engagement

Pay attention to your account’s engagement. If you notice a significant drop in likes, comments, or shares, it could be a sign of shadowban.

Performing Hashtag Searches

Hashtags are important for social media marketing. To check if you’re shadowbanned for using specific hashtags, search for those hashtags you usually include in your posts.

Here’s a simple way to check: Ask a friend who doesn’t follow you to search for your profile using the search bar. Alternatively, you can create a new account and try it yourself.

Upload a new post with your usual hashtags, then click on each hashtag with the other account and see if your post appears in the recent posts section.

If your post shows up, it means your account is safe from shadowban.

If you encounter a message like the Instagram shadowban example above, it’s likely that your content is being hidden because you used a hashtag that has been misused by many other social media users.

Using the Account Status Feature (Instagram)

If you’re an Instagram user, you can check for shadowban using the Account Status feature. It’s available for users who have a professional account.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the Menu and select Settings and Privacy.
  2. Go to the Account section.
  3. Click on Account Status to see if your account is shadowbanned.

With Account Status, you can see if any of your content violates the rules and get guidance on how to fix it.

If your Instagram account hasn’t violated any rules, you will see a display like the one below.

How to Deal with Shadowban

The duration of a shadowban can vary depending on the social media platform you’re using. It could last for a few days or even weeks.

To speed up the recovery from shadowban, here are some methods you can try:

Avoid Using Automation Tools to Manage Your Account

    Do you use apps to keep track of followers, find hashtags, or automate interactions? If you’re using bots or other automation services, it’s time to stop and delete those apps.

    For Instagram users, you can remove automation tools by going to Settings and Privacy, then selecting Apps and Websites. If you see any bot accounts in the Active tab, click the Remove button to completely get rid of them from your Instagram account.

    For Twitter users, here’s how you can do it:

    1. Open your Twitter account settings and privacy.
    2. Navigate to the “Security and Account Access” section.
    3. Look for the “Apps and Sessions” option.
    4. Click on “Connected Apps“.
    5. Find the third-party tools you want to remove.
    6. Simply click on “Remove” to delete them from your account.

    Remove Irrelevant Hashtags

    Hashtags are important to make sure your content reaches people who aren’t your followers. However, some hashtags are banned on social media platforms.

    There are permanently banned hashtags and others that are temporarily restricted. If you’ve used any of these hashtags, it’s best to remove them right away.

    Using irrelevant hashtags repeatedly can lead to shadowban or even the suspension of your social media account. So, always use hashtags that are relevant to your content.

    Delete Copyright Violating Content

    Next, check your profile and see if you’ve uploaded any content that goes against community guidelines or infringes on copyright. If you receive a copyright infringement notification, remove those posts immediately.

    Report to Customer Support

    If your posts still don’t show up on your followers’ timelines, try reaching out to customer support for the social media platform you’re using.

    Simply explain that your followers can’t see your posts, and it’s affecting your business negatively. The customer support team will guide you on how to fix the issue you’re facing.

    Tips to Avoid Shadowban

    Even after successfully resolving a shadowban on an account that violated social media rules, it’s possible for this restriction to occur again in the future.

    To prevent your account from getting shadowbanned again, here are some friendly and easy-to-understand tips:

    1. Follow platform guidelines: Each social media platform has its own rules and guidelines that users must follow. In general, to avoid shadowban, make sure not to post content that violates copyright, contains sensitive material, or engages in unethical behavior.
    2. Use relevant hashtags: Include 5-6 hashtags in each post that are directly related to your content. This helps your posts reach your target audience and protects you from shadowban.
    3. Avoid spamming: Responding to comments with repetitive templates can be seen as spam. Additionally, try not to follow too many accounts or like an excessive number of posts within a short period, as this could trigger a shadowban.
    4. Focus on genuine interactions: Buying likes, comments, or followers not only goes against platform policies but can also lead to shadowban. It’s better to focus on building organic engagement with real users, as attempts to gain interaction from fake accounts can be detected by algorithms and harm your account.

    By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of getting shadowbanned and ensure a smoother social media experience.

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